We make supplements for all those times when life gets in the way, for all of life's imperfections. Both for you and for everyone you care about. Our products are created for all phases and cycles of life, to provide a more positive effect on health.

Elexir Pharma is a Swedish dietary supplement company founded in 2000 by Jimmy Månsson. We base our product development on the latest findings in combination with long inherited knowledge in nutrition and health. We are based in Stockholm and production takes place almost exclusively in Norway in reputable factories.

Elexir Pharma has supplements for life.

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy Månsson has a background as an elite wrestler and after finishing his career he chose to start up and run several health stores in Stockholm. Jimmy realized relatively early that there were many good and unique supplements on the international market that were missing in Sweden. With this insight, Jimmy decided to found Elexir Pharma and start product development himself with a dream of offering natural products for better health. Today, Elexir Pharma is a successful company with many wonderful employees selling supplements on the Swedish, Nordic and Asian markets, still with Jimmy at the helm.


We offer quality, proprietary products that help people of all ages find a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Creating the conditions for better health for all in a natural and sustainable way.

Our core values

We are trustworthy - as we are transparent about our products and company values

We are inspiring in everything we do - for a more balanced lifestyle

We are energetic - because we are confident and passionate about helping our customers

We are inclusive - in all our processes

We are human - when it's okay not to be perfect

Contact us

Email: info@elexirpharma.se

Cooperation: collab@elexirpharma.se

Gustavslundsvägen 151 E,
Post: Gustavslundsvägen 151 B,
167 51, Bromma