Urilock for urine flow bladder function and prostate

Urilock Plus

  • Helps maintain good urine flow and bladder function
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Contributes to healthy prostate function in men
  • Against frequent toilet visits

Urilock® is made from a standardised extract extracted from the leaves of angelica(Angelica archangelica), which grows wild in Icelandic nature. Quack grass has been popular in Icelandic culture for over 1000 years. Also contains pumpkin seed extract which helps to maintain good urine flow and bladder function in both men and women, as well as healthy prostate function in men.

Ingredients that help the bladder work properly

Waking up several times a night to get up to pee is not much fun. On the one hand, it disturbs your night's sleep, and on the other, it paints a small picture of things not being right. But the cause may be perfectly natural - and the remedy quite simple.

Overactive bladder

Usually the problem is due to an overactive bladder, which drives the need to get up one or more times a night to empty the bladder. This is due to the uncontrolled behaviour of the bladder muscles, which in turn can have several causes - stress, mental tension, menopause, but also as a result of medication.

Both men and women

It is estimated that about one in three women between 30 and 70 have to go to the toilet at night because of urinary incontinence. The problem is also widespread in men and is usually due to benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Urilock Plus balances bladder function

Through its composition, Urilock Plus has a scientifically proven ability to help the function of the bladder. At the same time, it helps to maintain a good, normal flow of urine. This is true for both men and women, but for men there is an extra charted feature - it contributes to healthy prostate function.

Based on Icelandic angelica

The Icelandic broom(Angelica archangelica) grows wild all over Iceland, but today there are also plantations due to the high demand. The Icelandic pine has a history of thousands of years in folk medicine and all cultivation is organic. Folk knowledge of the properties of the quercus has now been followed up by scientific studies to elucidate the different properties found in the composition of the quercus leaf. The quince in Urilock Plus is, of course, clinically documented.

Supplemented with pumpkin seed extract
Pumpkin seeds are very rich and provide the body with zinc and magnesium, among other things. The seeds are also rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. But most interestingly, scientific studies compiled by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) show that pumpkin seed extract has a very positive effect on the bladder, the function of the surrounding muscles and even the prostate gland in men. In other words - helps to maintain good urine flow and bladder function for both men and women.

Scientifically proven function:

- helps maintain good urine flow and bladder function

- for both men and women

- also contributes to healthy prostate function in men

Contents per daily dose:2 capsulesDRI*
Leaf extract of organic angelica 7:1200 mg**
Pumpkin seed extract 10:1200 mg**
*% of daily reference intake **DRI not established

Ingredients: brown rice flour, leaf extract of organic* angelica(Angelica archangelica) (23%) 7:1, extract of pumpkin seed(Cucurbita pepo L.) 10:1, capsule (hydroxipropyl methylcellulose), bamboo extract, anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate).


Recommended daily intake for adults: 2 capsules daily.

Number of doses per pack: 30

Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet but should be combined with a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Store in a dry place at room temperature, protected from sunlight. Keep out of the reach of small children.

Product type
Food supplements

Durability and storage
Store in a dry place at room temperature, protected from sunlight. Keep out of the reach of small children. Shelf life 36 months.

Batch labeling
Best before and batch number are next to the barcode.



Milk protein

Animal origin


Ok for Pregnant & Breastfeeding


Other labelling? (ECO/Svanen/Asthma & Allergy Association/Fairtrade etc.)

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Should I take Urilock Plus as a cure or continuously?

-Urilock Plus is most often used as prevention when an overactive bladder (women and men) or benign prostatic hyperplasia (men) is a persistent problem. However, if you feel that the problems are coming on instead, you can take Urilock Plus as a cure and stop when the symptoms disappear.